Introduction of The Production Line:


UPVC Door And Window Profile Making Machine

Plastic pvc profile making machine can be widely used to produce UPVC seals and profiles, rigid PVC doors and windows, profiles, Extrusion, soft and hard co-extrusion, die co-extrusion, die co-extrusion, foam extrusion,multi-layer co-extruded, for all types of PVC profiles and special design of the screw has excellent shear and plasticizing effect, To ensure product quality. High-speed cooling of the extrusion and stereotypes of the mold to make the production line faster and more efficient.

With high plasticizing ability, low energy consumption, high production capacity, cost-effective, long life and other advantages, is the processing of various plastic profiles of the preferred equipment. 


Conical twin-screw extruder

Material of screw: 38CrMoAlA

Heating mode: Cast alumina + stainless steel covering

Gravity and screw dosing feeding system,With stainless steel hopper

Feeding sleeve with circular water cooling

Inverter: ABB or DELTA

Temperature controller: OMRON

Low-voltage device: DELIXI or SCHNEIDER


Vacuum calibration platform

material of table: stainless steel

cooling method: water cooling and vacuum cooling.


UPVC profile mould

Material of mould: 3Cr17

Shape of mould depending on the customer


Haul-off machine and Cutting machine

Haul-off machine:

 Haul off type: double caterpillar

 control of haul off: frequency control

Cutting machine:

 cutting method: automatic cutting

 cutting control: PLC control

 length: fix length cutting

Final Product Introduction:


Plastic pvc profile making machine mainly used for producing various sizes of UPVC profiles, window door profiles. Our upvc profile machine has features of low consumption, high output, stable running.

Normal pvc profile making machine is composed of main extruder, mould, vacuum calibration table, haul-off,cutting and stacker.

By changing different mould, pvc profile making machine can produce many UPVC plastic profile products with different shapes.

Final Product Introduction:

1. Model SJZ series conical twin screw extruder is a kind of special equipment for extruding PVC compound. With different kinds of molds and auxiliary machines, it can produce all sorts of PVC plastic pipe, profile, plate material, sheet material and granulation.

2. The conical twin screws have applied oil cooling system. Barrel is cooled by special wind cooling system.

3. The extruder for plastic pvc profile making machine has applied special computer control. According to customers requirements, most reasonable structure of conical twin screw can be made so as to achieve best plasticity performance and material quality.

4. The conical twin screw is made by high precision special digital screw miller; extruding property can be highly harmonized.

5. The distribution box is specially designed, pull force bearing is fully imported, and the drive life span can be prolonged. It can bear larger extruding pressure.



NameSpecification 1Specification 2
Conical twin screw extruderSJSZ51/105(18.5KW)SJSZ65/132(37KW)
Vacuum calibration platformZK-3000(5.5KW)ZK-3000(7.5KW)
Infrared detectionDT-250DT-250
Haul off machineQY-250QY-250
Width of finished product100-300 mm100-300 mm