Introduction of The Production Line:


Two single screw extruders

Screw Material: 38CrMoAlA Nitriding Treatment

Heating Device: Cast Aluminum heating device with metal cover avoiding hot wounded.

Motor brand: SIEMENS brand, CE certificate

Inverter: ABB

Temperature controller: Japan OMRON brand

Contactors: Schneider brand


Die head

Mode: with changeable mouth mould and core mould

Mould material and runner surface: 40C and 40CoMoPort chrome by polishing

Mouth mould: 38CrMoA1A

Calibration sleeve: Stainless steel

Mould heating: Cast aluminum

Mould structure pattern: spiral split structure design, disassembling convenient

Adjustment of mouth mould: Circumferential screw adjusting


Forming molds

Mould material: 40Cr

Process Vacuum channel on mold blocks.


Vacuum forming machine

Driving method: Pinion and rack

Molding pipe diameter:  200mm

Mode of speed control: frequency control

Forward and back moving rail material : 45 Steel rail

Cooling system: Wind cooling

Inverter: ABB


Cutting + pipe winder


 Pipe cutting diameter range: Ф110-Ф200mm

 Cutting pattern: Ring form cutting,  on line moving cutting

 Job line speed: 0.3-5M/min

 Clamp form when cutting: Pneumatic

 Install with Meter counter

Pipe winder:

 Electrical part: from Schneider      

 Install plate at left side.

Final Product Introduction:

HDPE double wall corrugated pipe is made of high-density polyethylene as the main raw material, which is extruded by the inner and outer extruders respectively, and formed at one time. tubing. The product has the advantages of high ring stiffness, high strength, light weight, sound insulation and shock absorption, high UV resistance stability, long service life, good flexibility, pressure resistance, and high impact strength. It can be laid on roads with poor geology, and has good sealing performance and quick construction.

Final Product Introduction:

1. The PE double wall corrugated drainage pipe making machine is equipped with two extruders, double-layer co-extrusion, the extrusion material is stable, and the plasticization is excellent.

2. The imported proportional control valve adjusts the molding air pressure, which is stable and reliable.

3. Double-channel spiral composite extrusion die, the surface of the die is nitrided and polished.

4. Pipe online double-layer socket and flaring.

5. The horizontal and vertical directions of the workbench are three-dimensionally adjustable.

6. The power off of the workbench will automatically exit the protection system.

7. The module is made of special aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good wear resistance and small thermal expansion coefficient.

8. The forming module is air-cooled and water-cooled, the cooling effect is good, and the forming speed is fast.

9. The whole PE pipe making machine adopts PLC microcomputer control system, which can directly display melt temperature, pressure, molding speed, fault alarm, etc.

10. High-efficiency single-screw extruder (using pellets) and energy-saving twin-screw extruder (using powder or pellets) are available.



LayerPipe sizeExtruderOutputSpeedMoldCooling system

Single wall


50-110mmSJ65/33100KG/H2-5M/MIN50 paiesair cooling
110-200mmSJ75/33100KG/H1-3M/MIN50 pairsair cooling

Double wall


50-110mmSJ50/33  SJ65/33200KG/H2-4M/MIN50 pairsair cooling
110-200mmSJ65/33  SJ75/33200KG/H1-3M/MIN50 pairsair cooling