Introduction of The Production Line:


PVC Ceiling Panel Extrusion Machine

PVC ceiling/wall panel making machine is used to produce PVC ceiling panel with width normally from 200mm to 300mm with different section shape and height. The surface of PVC ceiling panel can be treated by double color printing, hot stamping printing, or laminating, which can make marble, wood grain on surface or product.


Conical twin-screw extruder + PVC ceiling panel mould

Conical twin screw extruder:

 Material of screw: 38CrMoAlA


 Inverter: ABB

 Temperature controller: OMRON

 Low-voltage device: DELIXI or Schneider

PVC ceiling panel mould:

 Material of mould: 3Cr17

 Ceiling mold: one mold one outlet


Vacuum Calibration platform + Infrared detection equipment

Vacuum Calibration platform:

 Material: stainless steel

Infrared detection equipment:

 It is one device used to control the ceiling panel in same thickness. 

 When it detecting board turn thin,Extruder will increase capacity and haul off machine turn slowly. Automatic working.


Hual-off machine + Ceiling cutter

Hual off machine:

 Pneumatic clamp

 Adopt ABB inverter


Ceiling cutter:

 Knife No dust cutting

 Knife material: Alloy

 Control method: pneumatic

 Control Panel:PLC


PVC ceiling panel automatic horizontal moving machine

Labor saving,

Servo motor .

Final Product Introduction:


PVC ceilicing panel has various advantage over other materials namely they are waterproof, Termite Proof, Fire Retardant,Economical, Maintenance free, being non-porous and non-absorbent, can incorporate flush fitting lighting, access hatches, air vents and sprinklers easy to install & available in various colours shades & no hassles of Painting & Polishing.

Final Product Introduction:

1. The barrel is heated by aluminum casting hot wire ring and cooled by air cooling system, and the heat transfer is fast and uniform.

2. Different screws can be selected according to different formulas in order to achieve the best plasticizing effect.

3. The gear box & distribution box both adopt famous bearing, imported oil seal; gear wheel adopts high-quality alloy steel under nitrogen process.

4. Special design of reducer and distribution box, reinforced thrust bearing, high transmission torque and long service life.

5. The vacuum calibration table for plastic profile making machine adopts a special enlarged swirl cooling system, which is convenient for cooling setting, and the special horizontal tilt control has a unique three-position adjustment control, which makes the operation simple and better reflected.

6. The haul-off machine for PVC ceiling panel making machine adopts unique lifting technology, upper and lower crawler is controlled by back pressure, work stably,large reliability & traction force, can automatically fixed the length cutting, and is equipped with the dust recovery device.



ExtruderWidth of finished productSpeed
SJSZ51/105(18.5KW)100-300 MM0.5-3m/min
SJSZ65/132(37KW)100-300 MM4-6m/min