Introduction of The Production Line:


PVC Water Pipe Extrusion Machine

This PVC water pipe extrusion machine is mainly used to produce PVC drainage pipes and U-PVC,C-PVC water supply pipes in agriculture or construction field, and electrical cable protection pipes. This plastic pipe extrusion line consists of twin screw extruder, pipe die head and mould, calibration and spray cooling tank, haul-off, cutting machine and stacker.


SJSZ80/156 Conical twin screw extruder

Main motor: 55KW  AC  SIEMENS

Capacity: 250-400KG/H

Control mode: SIEMENS PLC

Inverters: ABB

Voltage: 380V  50HZ


PVC drain pipe mould

Model: Blue style model

Specification: 75mm,80mm,90mm,100mm,110mm,125mm,140mm,160mm,200mm,250mm


Vacuum calibration and cooling tank

Pipe application scope: 63-250MM

Material: SUS304

Vacuum pump model: Water circle

Electrical Installation: SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER with sealing IP65


Haul off machine and cutter

Haul off machine:

  Rubber piece type: V Rubber block

  Model control: SIEMENS PLC


  Cutting pattern: ring form cutting

  Clamp form when cutting: Pneumatic

Final Product Introduction:


The PVC pipes produced by the PVC water pipe extrusion machine are widely used in municipal water supply and drainage, industrial water supply and drainage, civil water supply and drainage, irrigation, vegetation watering, etc. According to the diameter and function of PVC pipe, in the field of construction, PVC pipe is used for PVC conduit, PVC water supply pipe, PVC drain pipe, etc.

Final Product Introduction:

1. The raw material is automatically fed by the screw feeder.

2. Extruder is specially used for PVC nitriding and chrome plated screw, longer service life.

3. The vacuum calibration tank is 304 stainless steel, equipped with vacuum pump and water pump. 

4. The haul off machine adopts rubber crawler with large traction force. Transmission parts adopt gear transmission, more stable operation. The speed is controlled by frequency conversion..

5. Depending on the diameter of the pipe, the cutting machine can be used to lift the knife or ring cutting. The system is controlled by PLC.

6. The stacker use proximity switch to control the length of pipe, and the cylinder controls the blanking after cutting.

7. According to different pipe diameters, we can recommend the best water pipe extrusion machine plan.



Diameter(mm)Conical extruderExtruder powerMax.Lineal speedMax.capacity
50-160SJSZ65/13237KW  AC8m/min250kg/h
63-200SJSZ65/13237KW  AC3.5m/min250kg/h
75-250SJSZ80/15655KW  AC3m/min400kg/h
160-315SJSZ80/15655KW  AC3m/min350kg/h
315-630SJSZ92/188110KW  DC1.2m/min800kg/h